girlfriend experience

about the director

Pietrobruno has written, directed, edited and produced several short films and the following features: the erotic drama GIRLFRIEND EXPERIENCE (distributed by Mongrel Media), GIRL KING (“A crazed drag-king pirate movie set on the shores of some tropicalized Vancouver, it’s jazzed and horny. Hilarious.” Cameron Bailey, Artistic Director , Toronto International Film Festival), CAT SWALLOWS PARAKEET AND SPEAKS! (“The mixed morbidity, fantasticism, and quirky humor works surprisingly well. Pietrobruno has a real eye, with handsomely composed imagery. Atmosphere is dreamlike, poetical, oddly sensuous.” Variety Magazine).

Pietrobruno’s films have won awards and screened at hundreds of festivals, including the Berlin International Film Festival and the Toronto International Film Festival.

poster“My overriding focus as a filmmaker is on the cultural construction of both the female subject and masculinity. Within this, I work toward a sensuous, layered experience of pleasure and spectacle, where humour and theory collide.”

In Pietrobruno’s first feature film, Cat Swallows Parakeet And Speaks!, a modern Scheherazade refuses to be pathologized by science and finds her health, ironically, in a nonsensical tabloid world. In Girl King – Pietrobruno’s second feature film – dragking pirates appropriate the codes of masculinity and the pirate movie, turning both on its head. The latest feature film, Girlfriend Experience, continues to play with gender, seduction and fantasy. The main female character eludes categorization so completely that she is never seen, does not exist. By depicting her as a fabrication – a construction of masculine desire – Girlfriend Experience reveals that prostitution is a social construction, of masculinity.

Through an unabashed appropriation and manipulation of representational codes, Pietrobruno’s films seek to call into question the naturalization of gender and sexuality. “My intention is to tell many, many stories at once. In the words of Peter Greenaway, ‘To tell stories without embarrassment’. I’m not interested in telling one tale or in making one point. I prefer to use perceptual complexity as a reflection of the depth in the world that I know.”

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  1. And oh, I thought the film was great. Memorable, vivid and mysterious.

    Comment by M — 29/04/2010 @ 21:14

  2. Congratulations Ileana! this film sounds great! Hope you’re well and I’m so happy you’re still making films!

    Comment by Eva — 30/06/2010 @ 13:31

    • Hello Eva,
      So great to hear from you. Where are you? What are you up to these days? Be sure to contact me when you visit Vancouver.
      Lots of Love,

      Comment by pietrobruno — 04/07/2010 @ 17:38

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