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Why do men pay for sex? An entertaining peek into the world of prostitution from the john’s point of view.

Daniel doesn’t understand why he can’t have a relationship with his girlfriend Maddy and date prostitutes for fun on the side – a practice he calls GFE (Girlfriend Experience). But when Maddy dumps him and Daniel starts purchasing GFE from a mysterious prostitute, the lines between sex and love, fantasy and reality, begin to blur. Sometimes love can be lot more expensive than sex.

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  1. Thanks for sharing this. Will try to get this book. 🙂

    Comment by hessedjoy — 01/09/2009 @ 13:23

    • Hi hessedjoy,
      Thank-you for writing. Pietrobruno’s GIRLFRIEND EXPERIENCE 2008 is a movie, not a book! It’s a feature-length movie and it’s out on DVD or pirated on the net. Hope you get a chance to see it. Hope you like it.

      Comment by pietrobruno — 01/09/2009 @ 21:56

  2. Love is more expansive then sex. You are saying right. Thanks for sharing this.

    Comment by rehan — 29/10/2009 @ 14:43

  3. Great affair, did not thought this was going to be so interesting when I saw the title!

    Comment by whomzoody — 12/12/2009 @ 13:13

    • Hey Womzoody,
      I only just found your comment. Thank-you for posting. I’m glad you like the movie.

      Comment by pietrobruno — 24/04/2010 @ 11:14

  4. wow… as someone who has become a regular sex purchaser i found this to be a very therapeutic film.

    the research is astoundingly accurate and insightful.

    from an impact perspective, i’m curious as to why the face of adrian was finally shown? i thought that was genius… if only because it made me wonder what the film maker was attempting to achieve (could be so many things).

    thanks for a great film!

    Comment by justAnotherJohn — 13/07/2010 @ 09:25

    • Hello Just Another John,
      When an experienced client likes this film, I take it as the very highest compliment: I am so relieved that you liked Girlfriend Experience!

      As I’ve said elsewhere, there are as many different kinds of johns as there are different kinds of men. Similarly, there are many many stories to tell about the john. I’ve made one tale.

      So, your question is, why did I show Adrian’s face at the end? Typically in movies about prostitutes and women the male main character and the film’s viewers are on a quest to discover the True identity of the woman. Who is she really? At the end of Girlfriend Experience we see the Real Woman when we see the girl’s actual face BUT does seeing her face tell us anything at all about her. We see her face and yet, perhaps she is even more illusory now. Even more unreal. Because when we see her face, we learn that her name is Nana. This name suggests that she does not exist as a real person at all. She is a historical, artistic, social, cultural construction – she is Emile Zola’s archetypal Western courtesan: the unknowable, elusive, mysterious, enticing Nana.

      In contradiction to everything that I’ve just written above, seeing her face (and learning that she is underage) also suggests that Daniel has been caught by Reality. When he first moved-in with Adrian the reality of her physicality was making him claustrophobic and uncomfortable. At the very end, reality jumps in to cause his downfall.

      So, there you go: two contradictory answers as to why we see Adrian/Nana’s face at the end.

      I also knew that the audience needed to be satisfied with a glimpse. The tease lasts 83 mins. You get a release at the end. A very brief and unsatisfying one!

      (And there may be still more reasons as to why I chose to show Adrian/Nana’s face at the end. The odd thing about making films is that it is such highly mediated form and yet … it is still so unconscious. It’s a weird process).

      THANK-YOU so much for posting. I’m glad you found this blog. Please tell your fellow hobbyists to check-out Girlfriend Experience.

      Take care,

      Comment by pietrobruno — 13/07/2010 @ 11:40

  5. This is a deeply compassionate and moving film.

    The ending was astonishing. I paused the movie and replayed it slowly to see “Adrian’s” face — the vixen and tempest of sexual power. Yet there was just a young woman, perhaps even a girl, a frail person incapable of living up to what Daniel has obsessively, carefully imagined.

    And to be named “Nana,” the synonym for grandmother in so many cultures!

    The film reminded me of the excellent story “Sarah Cole: A Love Story” by Russell Banks which I believe covers similar territory — though in a completely different setting.

    Bravo! I really hope this film gets wider attention and I’m really looking forward to your next project.

    Comment by mr trog — 21/08/2010 @ 18:36

    • Hello Mr. Trog,
      I’m so glad that you liked Girlfriend Experience, and thank-you for commenting. And yes, I should check-out Russell Banks novels and short stories. Thx for the info.

      Comment by pietrobruno — 22/08/2010 @ 14:51

  6. I’ll try also the book and the movie… thank you!

    Comment by annunci escort — 12/05/2011 @ 02:25

  7. I just didn’t understand why the film is with one actress and when nudity comes is another actress.

    Comment by B. James — 24/11/2012 @ 16:05

    • Such a good question!
      It’s been a while since i made the flick … and i’m just running to have drinks with friends … but will answer your query very very soon. Such a GOOD question !!!!

      Comment by pietrobruno — 24/11/2012 @ 16:08

      • no worries xD

        Comment by B. James — 26/11/2012 @ 04:39

      • any chance of having forgotten to answer it?

        Comment by B. James — 29/11/2012 @ 02:56

      • Hello B. James,
        Apologies on my tardy response. Been busy busy busy.

        _I remember that during production of an earlier feature film … I was with the grandmother of an acquaintance (Ivan Coyote’s grandma, actually), and I told the elderly woman that I was looking for women to take their clothes off and that I was having a hard time finding women to go nude or semi-nude; and the grandma was amazed that young women would not want to have their beautiful, young bodies filmed and recorded for posterity.

        _ I remember during production of an earlier feature film … screening rushes to a female actress and her being stunned at how good she looked on film, and me thinking, “Why’s she so surprised? What does she think this entire crew is doing here? Working their butts off to make her look fucking good, that’s all!”

        _ I remember during production of an earlier feature film … directing female actresses in scenes with a tiny bit of erotic, sensual content and a tiny miniscule amount of nudity, and the women were so tense and uncomfortable (even after we’d worked together for a quite awhile, built-up the trust and respect, and had already discussed and rehearsed the scene), and I’m thinking, “This is the very last time I work with actors who are not completely comfortable representing themselves sexually on film.”

        So, when it came time to cast Girlfriend Experience, I reached out immediately to folks who work in erotic entertainment. It was a pleasure working with powerful, body-positive women – not ashamed to show-off their beauty and eroticism.

        The Girlfriend Experience script was always written for two women to play one character. This was inspired by Luis Buñuel’s film “Le Charme discret de la bourgeoisie”. Girlfriend Experience’s use of two women to play one role helps to illustrate the film’s metaphoric treatment of prostitution as a fantasy that is about the john’s desire; and that the relationship between the john and the whore, or the client and the sex-worker, is a narrative; it is a story. It isn’t reality. The use of two woman illustrates the trope to the Unknowable Woman who cannot be owned, controlled and possessed because she is a fantasy: a construction of our cultural (and sexual) projections, which are always shifting and changing; and so even the concept or idea of The Woman does not exist, in itself.

        I wanted to have two women so that the prostitute would remain elusive, she would slip away and frustrate our ability to know her. All that exists is the john’s storytelling, his perspective, his point-of-view. His voice.

        Girlfriend Experience’s casting also reflects the madonna/whore attitude that this society has towards prostitution. We believe (falsely) that there are two groups of women: prostitutes and regular women. Our society’s belief that there are good girls and bad girls is supported by the film industry. By having one woman who speaks on camera but shows no nudity, and another woman who does not speak on camera but does show nudity, Girlfriend Experience illustrates the film industry’s conflicted representation of women on screen. Why is the erotic film industry treated as distinct from and lower than dominant cinema? There are many fabulous talented people in both worlds. (And by the way, mainstream cinema has always gone running to the erotic film industry to cast their much needed body doubles.) And yet, the film industry continues to support the ancient dichotomy of Madonna/Whore, through it’s use of distinct & separate casting agents, and distinct & separate film industries.

        It’s a big taboo for performers (that’s the word used in erotic entertainment) and actors (that’s the word used in mainstream cinema) to cross-over from one camp to the other. One group takes-off their clothes (performers or “whores”), and the other group doesn’t (actors or “madonnas”). It’s high-risk for the madonnas to take-off their clothes, not because of the nudity per se, but because by taking-off their clothes the madonnas fall downwards, they become devalued, and debased. They literally risk finding themselves permanently out of work as actors.

        So … Girlfriend Experience’s use of two women is a metaphor for both prostitution and the film industry, which both support the notion that there are either mainstream women, or women relegated to the outskirts / underground.

        As a side note, I don’t think that I can watch a character on screen who doesn’t show at least some skin. Who wants to watch a character who’s hidden under layers of clothes. Not me!

        Comment by pietrobruno — 30/11/2012 @ 15:00

      • Hey, I finally answered. thx for you patience. Ileana

        Comment by pietrobruno — 30/11/2012 @ 23:08

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