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Must see for any cinema fan! … Brilliant, assured, original; non-judgmental and daring. The subject of prostitutes and johns has never been approached like this … a wow-er … the story and coverage are so perfect … this is one of the best narrative works to borrow from — and then explode — documentary and reality conventions. Check it out. (Excerpt fromIMDB film review)

The narrative includes observations from clients of prostitutes, offering observations and insights into the world’s oldest profession and what they are seeking from these encounters … The dialogue and situations ring true, even when they depict situations that are unusual … The acting is very good, too, with David Lewis as Daniel as the standout with a very credible, realistic performance … Pietrobruno’s GFE: Girlfriend Experience is a frank exploration of the client’s point of view of his relationship with prostitutes. The film presents these issues very intelligently and maturely, and I recommend the film strongly. (Excerpt from Joe Vincennes’ film review in Insider Escort Secrets)

girlfriend experience

Well thought and made movie … offered an alternative point of view. It’s a winner in my book from the very beginning … money well spent. (Excerpt from Farid Rakun’s film review in Fairdkun Multiply)

A unique perspective to the sometimes mystifying relationship between client and service provider … Thought provoking, honest and beautifully shot. (Excerpt from IMDB film review)

Fascinating and surprisingly neutral. (Excerpt from Michael Kissinger’s story in Vancouver Courier)

girlfriend experience

Pietrobruno uses a number of clever formal conceits to explore and challenge the audience’s own desire for the real thing, whether it is the escapism of fiction film or the social responsibility of documentary. Like the film’s protagonist, Daniel, the film-viewer is motivated by desires. Filmed in documentary style, Girlfriend Experience resorts to re-enactments to fill in scenes where there is no documentary footage. Even more telling than the observational-style footage, these acted scenes highlight the cultural scripting of desire. Girlfriend Experience consistently evokes this feeling of missing referents and lost objects through its jittery handheld camerawork and quick editing. One result is that, just as fiction film’s promise of fantasy is thwarted, so too is documentary’s promise of reality. (Excerpt from Zoe Druick’s film review in In Media Res)

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Nice piece of work … Real, compelling and intelligent … The viewer is vaulted from one scene to the next in such a seamless, but poignant way, it almost catches you off guard … The acting is great, and it’s such a unique perspective. (Excerpt from Super Sandor’s IMDB review)

Good acting … erotically charged scenes …  interesting camerawork … … structural boldness … Assuredness with which she tackles the unorthodox narrative form … If you too happen to download or rent or buy the “wrong” Girlfriend Experience movie, do not be too quick to get rid of it. (Excerpt from Ivailo Minov’s film review in Minov Live Forever)

It all felt real and yet not quite at the same time. Truly well done. (Excerpt from Humbledmonk’s IMDB film review)

The cinematography is beautiful … the performances all around are so natural … the movie doesn’t sugar coat the lifestyle. It’s rather gritty, but I think the director does a fantastic job of laying it out there for the audience to experience.(Excerpt from IMDB film review)

Reminds me of an almost same experience, of falling for a working girl. In fact, some of the scenes were indeed quite similar … Really a fine drama and Ivy Vine was freaking hot. (Excerpt from Cheeps)

Surprisingly fresh. Thought-provoking without being too straight-forward. When Daniel’s actual girlfriend admits to him that she has considered role-playing the hooker/john scenario for him to ease this desire to sleep with prostitutes, she also voices a profound revelation. She says, “you wouldn’t be turned on, cause even though you say your prostitution world is all make believe and fantasy I think that you like your whores because to you they’re real.” What is undoubtedly real is how all-consuming his addiction to his so-called “hobby” is … It’s an all-around smart film. (Excerpt from Shyla Fairfax film review in Pick Canadian Pictures)

Good acting, especially from David Lewis  … Erotically charged scenes, especially one where a woman plays with her own kitten, literally … Interesting camerawork … An ending sequence that brings on some nice irony . (Excerpt from review in Morning Glory)


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