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As a filmmaker, I simply want to reveal what is hidden – the john. Movies often portray sex-workers, but their customers remain well hidden – faceless and nameless. Girlfriend Experience calls attention to this bias, at the same time as it shifts the cinematic gaze onto the client.

I researched this film by conducting interviews with johns. What struck me is what regular guys they are – dads, husbands, brothers, boyfriends, buddies, sons. Very nice guys. Because I did not want to vilify or stereotype the client, I decided that the client in Girlfriend Experience had to be the ‘guy next door’.

During the shoot, I was worried that my decision not to reveal the sex-worker Adrian’s face or voice would end-up being a grave mistake but I intentionally wanted Adrian to be non-existent, in order to emphasize that the prostitute does not exist. Prostitution is about male sexuality, not female sexuality. It’s all about the guy, not about the girl.

What fascinates me about the phenomena of the GFE is how the client can fully enjoy the illusion of realness, while still being fully aware that it is fake. When the sex-worker Adrian says, “I love you”, Daniel knows that “it’s bullshit, but who cares? GFE makes us feel good”. I admire that kind of imaginative complexity.

Girlfriend Experience’s film style mimics the style of a GFE encounter, in that the film does not try to be convincing real; instead, the film uses cinematic codes to tease and taunt with the charade of realism. Like the GFE provider and buyer, the filmmaker and viewer are conscious of the film’s simulation of authenticity, complicit in the entanglement of illusion and reality. And hopefully enjoying it!



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